Oh, I Believe In Yesterday

So I’ve already lost track of how long I’ve been here. I think it’s been merely a week, but there is honestly no way to tell as we stay SO busy after high noon. Mornings here have slowed down a bit, which is really quite nice. I don’t make it to the dining hall for breakfast just yet, because I a) don’t want to go alone and b) prefer to take it slow and just drink tea and blog. Plus I never go anywhere before lunch (classes still haven’t started yet, that’t the only reason why) despite waking up about 8 or 9.

This morning, I got up and showered at 8. We have men who clean our bathroom and kitchen areas in the am, so it’s pretty weird seeing them walking about the halls. Makes me feel like I’m back at King’s College London or even UTC for that matter! Because it was so early and SO cold here, I actually even took my cuppa tea into the shower with me. It’s probably the only time I’ll feel WARM today, despite the humidity here. It’s so strange- the weather is colder than in Tennessee, but I still break a sweat and have frizzy hair whenever I go out. Perhaps it just takes getting used to, and we’re fairly close to the western coast, so that could have something to do with the weird weather.

After getting cleaned up, I read Company magazine cover to cover for nearly an hour. This isn’t like any magazine we have in the US, but I think it’s fairly popular with the 20-something demographic here in the UK. I really liked this issue because it was produced almost entirely by Company interns and recent uni grads they recruited. There was also a large feature on women who work in fashion publishing in the UK and how they got their jobs. I thought there was some pretty valuable information in there, and I’ll definitely be saving this issue for future reference.

After much anticipation, I registered for classes this week! I am so excited for everything to start Monday. While I only have four classes, they equal taking six classes or about 18 hours in the US. Classes in the UK are almost entirely self taught, which is great for a person like me who feels most lectures are a waste of time (unless it’s a subject like math, which thankfully, none of these are). Three of my classes are 3rd year/4000 level courses. They are Feature Writing (English/creative writing), Magazine Production and Online Journalism (j), and Working in the Media (j). Introduction to British Politics is a class I’m taking for fun, and it’s just a 2000 level sociology and political science course. I am thrilled to be in these “modules” as the British call them, because I am in classes that are not offered at UTC and probably never would be! It’s fairly unlikely that “British Politics” is a popular field of study in the US, and Chattanooga isn’t exactly a hub for aspiring magazine journalists. These courses will (hopefully) give me exceptional experience and valuable talking points that I can bring up in future job interviews. I’ll do anything and everything to set myself apart from the flood of journalism majors trying to get a job soon. After gaining new online and design skills, I will be extremely versatile and ready to work for whatever company can help me get my foot in the door!

In other news, all but about six of the American girls went to London this  weekend. I decided not to go, because I really want to be able to revisit places and see my friends there. Going with a group of five or more girls slightly inhibits this, and even though I know I’d have a great time with them, I thought it would be best to stay here and take the time to explore more of Chester. Erica (one of the gorgeous and sweet blonde twins from Kansas) and Kathleen (a fellow Catholic English major and wonderful gal from Missouri) are both staying here as well. Sierra, my sweet little roomie from Texas, is also here so I don’t have to stay in my big princess tower room alone! Sierra and I are going to see the Libertines tonight, which is a band we both love who are actually coming to CHESTER for freshers week! It should be really awesome, and I love going to shows. Especially ones at cool English venues.

Kathleen and I watched The Proposal last night, which was precious!! Except it froze to load at a rather unfortunate part, but that’s ok. We had some great laughs! I”m really glad I’ve found a balanced group. Everyone likes to go out and be adventurous with me, but I’m not stuck with all the stress of planning and such. People really want to do fun stuff here, and we only have like two and a half months now so it’s best to make the most of our time here! I’ll be planning day trips soon, so be looking for that fun information in the future! Night 🙂





WHOOPS just found this on my computer… Looks like somebody forgot to hit the publish button yesterday. Hence the new title haha.


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